Better busy than bored

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director (and amateur mathematician) John White turns three into four and sums up his 2018.

Welcome dear reader to your latest – and the end of year – edition of Inside Marine. I don’t know about you, but my year seems to have flown by; jollied along, no doubt, by being a year packed with new adventures.

For us, the year kicked off productively with my team bringing you the first editions of the year of our publications, Inside Marine, Inside Oil & Gas and Inside Industry. Whilst working hard as always to provide you with informative and interesting content, we also began a search for new premises as we had simply outgrown our Lowestoft location overlooking the North Sea.

Thankfully we didn’t have to look to far, only a few miles up the road, and still close to the coast near, the historic port of Great Yarmouth. I am very pleased to say that in May we moved into our much larger and arguably more luxurious premises and all staff have settled in nicely. More importantly, there was little or no disruption to our productivity and I suspect that you didn’t even notice how extra hard we were all rowing in order to bring you your favourite marine magazine on time.

In addition to this upheaval, my marine team also managed to squeeze in a week-long trip out to Athens in order to support and attend the event of our media partner, Posidonia 2018. Needing a rest for the busy start of the year, I tagged along to this event hoping for some mid-summer Greek sunshine and cocktails on the beach.

Little did I realise that my team expected me to join them at the event, which of course I did. I must say, I was very proud of my team as I watched them interact with those of you that exhibited or attended. It was also very rewarding to witness the Posidonia edition of Inside Marine fly off the press shelves as quick as the event organisers could top them up!

Recovering briefly from this trip, we had what felt like only a moments rest before preparing for and attending SMM 2018, another of our popular media partners, in Hamburg in September.

We do enjoy attending and helping promote a good event as it is a great opportunity to meet many of you face-to-face. We do seem to get inundated with events asking us to help promote them and as such, I have had to take on extra staff this year simply to manage the event partnerships alone.

So you’d think that with new staff, new premises, events to visit and three publications to bring to you, that would be enough to keep us busy and see the year racing along, but no! We also managed to launch our latest publication in October, Inside Food & Drink magazine, due to popular demand from our general industry magazine readers.

So that’s four publications that you can now subscribe to from us and each is brought to you with the same passion and enthusiasm as this one. Though I must admit, as a former mariner who would never wish to be far from the sea or those that work in, on, near, for or under it, Inside Marine will always have a special place in my heart.

To you all, I wish an enjoyable end to 2018 and hope that your year has been as much fun, challenging and ultimately rewarding as ours, and that next year will be equally busy.

That said, I could do with that cocktail on the beach at some point in 2019!

John White - Managing Director