Crew to your stations!

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director John White slips his moorings and attempts to sail the bricks and mortar of his office on the high seas.

Welcome dear reader to your latest edition of Inside Marine. Our ship management focus is always a very popular one amongst our discerning readers. Maybe this is because it is more personal (or should I say ‘personnel’?), as indeed the crew of a ship is a key factor in this sector.

From selection and recruitment through to training and placement, we look at the human side of the maritime industry in more depth in these editions. A ship is only as good as its crew in my opinion, and I have been at sea when regardless as to the quality of the build of the ship or the amount of technology it has onboard, it was the crew that were decisive in avoiding disasters. The same is true in most industries where human intervention is a factor.

Much to the amusement and/or annoyance of my team, I often use nautical terminology, references, metaphors and analogies at work when referring to how we operate as I see a well-run company like a well-run ship. If all crew members know their role, and to some extent each, other’s, then we reach our destination safely and on time.

At sea the perils are significantly greater than in an office, of course, and although the skilled mariner we look to have onboard with us does not need good carpentry skills, an ability to navigate by the stars or unfurl a sail aloft in a storm, skills of a new kind are important.

The modern mariner might still need a sound understanding of general seamanship skills but many now, more like an office, are also technicians who need to understand and be able to maintain increasingly sophisticated equipment. So, ship management is indeed about the ‘man’ or ‘woman’ managing the ship from a desk ashore planning repairs, maintenance and recruitment, to the crew member at sea at the wheel.

So, if my publishing house is now a ship, what cargo do we carry? Well, you will be not surprised to hear that it is such as this, our magazine; a precious cargo indeed.

We navigate our way through a lot of potential courses that each edition might take, finally plotting a course that we think best serves you. Then it is all hands-on-deck as we strive to produce said copy for your enjoyment, on time and in good order.

My well-trained crew can ride most storms as inevitably there can be set backs, unseen hazards and emergency action to take. However, they always come good and when we dock safely in your port with your latest copy of Inside Marine, you would not know the perils we may have faced to get there.

I did warn you earlier in this piece about my ramblings, so well done for navigating your way towards the end of it! This is the sort of nautical drivel my crew have to endure on a daily basis, that’s possibly one of the greatest hazards in their opinion!

In this edition you will find much about the whole ship management sector as well as our usual coverage of other areas of current interest in harbour and at sea. An array of advertisements, news and views, latest technology and upcoming events have also been lovingly crafted by my crew for you.

We do hope that you enjoy the read and as we appreciate those in peril on the sea, you might also spare a thought for those in peril, because they work with me!

John White - Managing Director