Aegean to the Elba, by way of the North Sea

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director John White loads his crew aboard their modern-day Viking long boat.

Welcome dear reader to your latest edition of Inside Marine. It seems like only yesterday that I sat in front of my keyboard writing to you about the last edition of Inside Marine with its focus on the Posidonia event. Here I am again, writing to you now about this edition that also has a major event focus. It’s time again for SMM in Hamburg and as many of our readers will know, we love attending this event that we have partnered for many years. My team will be there in September along with this edition of the magazine available in the official press booth.

It is a little disorientating to be writing about one event whilst packing my travel bag for another. At time of writing, we are only a few days away from traveling out to Athens for Posidonia. My band of fellow adventurers and I will be like Viking traders of old, leaving the cold North Sea in search of trade and the warmer climate of the Mediterranean. After what I am sure will be a most productive and exciting visit to this event, we will store provisions in our long boat (the role of the long boat will be played by a 21st century passenger jet on this occasion) and set sail back through the straits of Gibraltar and up the North Sea, around Denmark and down the Elba into Germany, toward Hamburg and SMM.

We do enjoy a good event here at Proactive Publications and many of you will have met us at different global events representing our various publications over the last decade. It is at such gatherings that relationships are formed, revived and burgeon; a simple exchange of business cards, a hand shake or a good old chat over a welcome beverage with business partners old and new. My team has graciously allowed me to accompany them to Posidonia, but I must remain ashore for the voyage to SMM. There is much for me to do though as you can see and will hopefully enjoy in the pages that follow. Each edition is packed with interesting and informative articles on companies across the industry. You will also find a wealth of promotional advertisements, news, views, photographs as well as updates on forthcoming events.

In addition to our tour of events this year, we have somehow managed to squeeze in a recent office move! We are now in a lovely building that the team all seems to love, doubtless more because I have ordered a pool table and table tennis table for their relaxing lunchtime area than because it’s a newer and larger building in which they can be even more imaginative and productive. I am proud of them of course, after all, they have managed to adapt to the disruption caused by the move without it affecting the very high standards that you expect from them. So, if you do happen to spot one of them at SMM and they are looking a little tired, you’ll know why. So why not call them over, offer them a reviving drink and a smile and trust me, you will have a then a friend and loyal business partner who will go the extra mile to help you promote your business.

I’ll leave you now to enjoy this edition and SMM. I have a bag to pack and have been trying to fill it with more clothes than it can hold. Maybe I should leave the umbrella and works of Shakespeare in favour of sun cream and flip flops? I begin to see now why my team doesn’t encourage me to tag along to these things….                                   

John White - Managing Director