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Managing Director - John White

Managing Director - John White

Managing Director John White salutes the maritime equivalent of a racing team pit crew.

Welcome dear reader to your latest edition of Inside Marine. Now I don’t know about you, but for us the last couple of months working on this edition have been extremely busy. Historically we would have a bit of a breather in the northern hemisphere’s early summer months but for whatever reason, it has been all hands on deck this year. I’m not complaining of course as it is better to be busy than bored in my opinion and I hope that the cause of our increased activity is down to many of you being more productive.

Thankfully I have a very efficient team around me with all the best equipment to help them get the job done on schedule. If I didn’t, I’d have many of you knocking on my door demanding to know why you have not been treated to your favourite international maritime magazine on time! But fear not, for here it is, on time and in all its digital or hard copy glory depending on your subscribed preference. You are most welcome.

As many of you have come to expect, we have a wealth of informative and interesting content for you by way of promotional features, advertisements, news and views as well as a few helpful pointers toward upcoming events. This edition also focusses on the maritime equipment industry which is so diverse that I am not able to cover it in much detail within the confines of my meagre word count for this page. Suffice to say that many of the companies involved in this sector have been granted a good few more words than I have and therefore I think it advisable to read what they have to say about their particular role within this essential sector of our maritime world.

As touched on above, I need a great team with good equipment in order to keep my particular ship afloat and effective. Doubtless you also appreciate the importance of having the right tool for the job and understand the importance and need to have the very best equipment in order to send a ship to sea as well as keep it safe on its passage and maintain it in good working order. 

We talk in this edition about equipment used in ports and as one who has visited and worked at many ports during my naval career as well as having our head office based in a port town overlooking a busy harbour, I am fully aware of the vast array of equipment used to accommodate the many vessels that visit. 

During my time in the navy, whenever we returned to our home port after a long patrol, the moment that we safely tied-up alongside, we were swamped by a small army of dockyard workers, technicians, mechanics and much more, including serious looking men in dark suits with dark sunglasses?! 

I can only liken this scenario to a Formula 1 car pulling into the pits as it is often only at this point that you appreciate a team is so much more than the driver and the car. Without all of this support equipment, the car would not make it out of the paddock and the same is of course true for a ship going to sea.

I shall leave you now to have a good read through the pages that follow and form your own opinions on the importance of this sector and those who work within it. Like the pit crew in Formula 1, we don’t often see them, they don’t always get the glory, but we could do nothing much without them

John White - Managing Director