HELMEPA invites participants to “Let’s Cleanup Europe” campaign

The Hellenic Marine Environment Protection Association - HELMEPA, National Coordinator of this pan-European Campaign, has invited all youngsters and adults to take part in this year’s initiative and to express its environmental sensitivity by organising a symbolic cleanup.

Every year, millions of tons of plastics and other litter pollute seas, beaches, rivers, forests and other urban or natural areas. This is primarily due to the lack of proper waste management practices but also because of attitudes towards the problem, and possibly the ignorance of the impacts on our own life.

Aiming to project the serious problem of waste pollution and the need to prevent it, for the sixth consecutive year, the “Let’s Cleanup Europe” Campaign will be held in Greece from 3rd May to 3rd June 2019.

The invitation is addressed to students, parents, teachers, Port Authorities, Municipal and Regional Authorities, companies, Embassies, environmental organisations, nature conservation societies, scuba-diving clubs, nautical and sailing clubs, local associations and volunteer groups.

Last year, the Campaign mobilised more than 800,000 volunteers in Europe, while in Greece 7,750 volunteers participated in 187 cleanup events, collecting 16 tonnes of waste, 4 of which were recycled by the Hellenic Recovery-Recycling Corporationa.

This year’s Campaign is also an ideal opportunity to make its message be heard loudly at the local, national and European level, which is that it cares about the environment and that it has high expectations from its elected representatives.

The call is for interested parties to either organise their own cleanup of a nearby beach, lakefront, park, forest or neighbourhood, or participate in one of the scheduled activities. All actions are registered on the interactive map on HELMEPA’s website at the link http://helmepa.gr/en/helmepa-voluntary-cleanups/, where useful advise, the online registration form and the special Trash Data forms are also found.

By filling in these forms, volunteers contribute to the scientific study of the problem, thus providing valuable data on the quantities, types and origin of the waste. These data are processed by HELMEPA and sent to competent national and international bodies for further use.

Children and cleanup coordinators will receive Commemorative Diplomas by HELMEPA.