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Cortec® Launches Educational Video on Preventing Marine Corrosion

CorteCros®, subsidiary of Cortec® Corporation has released new educational video demonstrating the efficiency of technological breakthrough line of environmentally friendly corrosion protection products for marine market – Bull Frog.

CorteCros’s team wanted to make Bull Frog technology more accessible and provide company’s customers with better understanding of how corrosion of sea vehicles can be prevented with few simple steps. Video was filmed in beautiful Marina Icici, located near Opatija, Croatia and demonstrates preservation and maintenance of the yacht with Bull Frog pallete of products.  Steps of the whole process shown in the video will give viewers excellent insight in all advantages of this technology while getting complete guide of maintenance process from cleaning and degreasing to covering the yacht with Cortec’s MilCorr VpCI Shrink Film. 

It is well known that unfortunately various types of destructive attacks can occur to structures, ships and other equipment used in sea water service.  The term 'aqueous corrosion' describes the majority of the most troublesome problems encountered in contact with sea water, but atmospheric corrosion of metals  exposed on or near coastlines and hot salt corrosion in engines are equally problematical and like aqueous corrosion require a systematic approach to eliminate or manage them.

Bull Frog line of products offers contemporary technology that has been perfected and proven in marine applications around the world. Wide range of products protect clients’ investments and help them perform at their optimal level. Bull Frogs’s Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VpCI’s) replace conventional and hazardous petroleum-based rust preventatives. They bond with metal surfaces to form a protective ‘Molecular Umbrella,’ sealing out air and moisture that cause rust and corrosion. Most importantly they save time and labor involved with applying and removing traditional protective coatings! 

Advantages of Bull Frog VpCI’s 

  • New Technological Breakthrough 
  • Fast, One-Step Corrosion Protection 
  • Easy And Quick Universal Application 
  • Multimetal Protection 
  • Saves Money and Time
  • Ongoing Protection 
  • Invisible
  • For a Variety of Environmental Conditions
  • Protected Items are Immediately Ready for Use, Right Now
  • Automatically Self-Replenishing 
  • Health, Safety and Pollution Control
  • Does Not Alter Most Material Properties
  • Desiccant Action

These formulations conform to today’s highest environmental standards and utilize the newest chemical technology available. They alleviate concerns in the areas of health, safety, flammability and pollution control.  Bull Frog products coming from ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified manufacturer are available in Croatian marinas and will soon be available in all larger European marine chains including Montenegro, Italy and other Mediterranean and Pan European countries.