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Reygar launches innovative fleet monitoring system

Marine innovation company, Reygar, has launched BareFLEET, a new fleet monitoring system that offers an unparalleled level of insight into all aspects of fleet performance and health.

Developed to help maximise the operational effectiveness of fleets, BareFLEET automatically gathers a comprehensive set of engine, navigational, motion and health data, including fuel efficiency, CO2 emissions, vertical heave motion, tower impact and push-on force, plus an indication of motion sickness. 

“At the core of BareFLEET is the presentation of information in a clear and simple way, whether it’s highly detailed diagnostic and performance data for engineers or straightforward, easy to understand KPI information across a fleet for senior management,” said Reygar Managing Director, Chris Huxley-Reynard.

“As well as directly saving our customers money by helping to improve efficiency, BareFLEET allows fleet operators to demonstrate that they’re meeting their contractual obligations, whilst taking suitable care of all personnel on board. BareFLEET does this automatically, leaving skippers free to concentrate on operating the vessel.”

The system is capable of generating top-line reports for the boardroom, presenting trends in overall fleet utility, performance and health, aggregated over weeks or months. 

Particularly useful for fleet operational and maintenance managers, BareFLEET can issue daily or weekly vessel and fleet reports. These reports provide a comprehensive but concise single page overview of vessels’ track, fuel efficiency, motion and impact, plus machinery health and weather conditions. The live status of vessels can also be viewed via a web portal. 

The information available behind these reports means that ship engineers, boat builders and OEM suppliers can drill down into a high level of additional detail for diagnostic, verification or warranty claim purposes. BareFLEET can also connect to third-party Planned Maintenance Systems if needed.

Using GSM-only communications can keep operating costs very low, as all data is stored onboard until a connection becomes available. Satellite communications can also be used when required.

Huxley-Reynard developed BareFLEET in partnership with his colleague Felix Francis, Technical Director at Reygar. Having both spent 15 years working in the tidal turbine industry – designing, building and operating free stream tidal generators – the team has extensive experience of the challenges of deploying highly innovative technology in a punishing marine environment.