Crosby Introduces ROV Release & Retrieve Shackle Line Featuring the Patent Pending Captured Bolt Design

After years of development and intensive testing by several of the top subsea specialists in the world, the new Crosby ROV Release and Retrieve Shackles are ready for global release.

Featuring an innovative Patent Pending Captured Bolt design, which prevents bolt detaching from the shackle bow, the release and retrieve shackle eliminates the need to have one shackle for releasing a load and one shackle for retrieving a load, and reduces end user liability by eliminating costly post-purchase modifications (i.e., capture barrels, springs, or tether cables).

The shackles are available in two different bolt designs: QUIC-Thread (G-2100) and Non-Threaded (G-2110). The QUIC-Thread option requires 60% fewer turns than conventional threaded screw pin type shackles, while the Non-Threaded option touts one of the fastest release and retrieve times in the industry.  Designed by the end user for the end user, these best-in-class shackles also feature:

    Forged alloy, galvanized bow with durable API RP 17H color-compliant epoxy finish

    6 to 1 Design Factor

    Robust captured bolt design - can withstand over 2,000 lbs. of pull-out force

    Galvanized alloy bolt – available in two designs: QUIC-Thread and Non-Threaded

    API RP 17H compliant modular handles available in T, D, F, or Eye versions (sold separately)

    Durable secondary locking latches for added securement

    Eyelets forged into bow for optional tether points

    Monkey Fist(s) included

    Made in the USA


Available in 7 different sizes: 9.5t, 12t, 17t, 25t, 35, 55t, and 85t.  These shackles are job site tough and are sure to save you both time and money.

No costly modifications required (like capture barrels or tether lines), thus reducing end user liability.

One shackle does it all: releases and retrieves without the need to resurface.

Both the QUIC-Thread and Non-Threaded bolts greatly reduce the time on the job, saving you costly man hours and vessel time.