Tuco presents new ProZero 10m Walk-A-Round workboat

Shortly before the Aqua Nor 2019 in Trondheim Norway, the world’s largest biennial Aqua Culture Exhibition, Tuco Marine presented the brand new ProZero 10m Walk-A-Round Workboat.

The new vessel complements Tuco’s range of ProZero workboats and support vessels. And is dedicated to the Workboat, Crew transfer and Diving markets.

The New ProZero 10m walkaround workboat DCW is strategically sized and carefully equipped for passenger transportation and patrol missions in coastal and offshore waters and built on the proven, reliable and extremely seaworthy ProZero hull platform.

Like all ProZero vessels, this boat is built from robust lightweight glass- and carbon fibre composites, which reduces the weight of the boat and thereby allowing both higher speeds and lower fuel consumption. Good ride quality and ergonomics are key to enduring long and exhausting missions, and the ProZero 10m walkaround Workboat is designed to provide just that. With its non-stepped, variable deadrise, deep V-bottom hull featuring good forward entry, a flared bow, wide chines and lifting strakes/spray rails, the hull provides a safe and reliable base for high-speed operations and will tackle even very agitated sea states.

Particular attention has been paid to crew comfort, as the ProZero 10m Walkaround workboat is further designed to minimise noise and vibrations while preserving structural rigidity, integrity and strength and enhancing mission-capability.

The walk-around deck layout with a centred cabin provides flexibility and room for a variety of missions and boarding situations. The interior cabin layout is adjustable and can be transformed into mission-specific environments with comfortable over-night accommodation areas for the crew or seating arrangements for efficient passenger/crew transport.

The cockpit layout in the ProZero 10m is arranged to maximise the use of state-of-the-art operations management and situational awareness electronic aids. And the cabin can be equipped with a sink and refrigerator along with a comfortable dining area where the crew can dine and relax. Two sleeping accommodations have been designed beneath the cabin and below the foredeck to allow crew and passengers to rest and sleep onboard.