Echo Yachts become super-Eco 100% custom superyacht builder

Australia’s 100% custom superyacht newbuild and refit specialist Echo Yachts has declared that they will be focusing all of their new product development efforts on advanced engineered, ecologically focused superyachts for like-minded clients.

The catalyst for embracing this strategic direction is the proven success of Echo Yachts’ most recent and multi-award winning 84m diesel-electric trimaran superyacht delivery M/Y White Rabbit, the large amount of positive feedback on their platform from many senior members of the industry and owners, combined with the clear environmental gains and running cost improvements delivered.

Already up to 40% ahead of the game and at the forefront of applying Australia’s world renowned aluminium multihull construction know-how to large custom superyachts, Echo Yachts intend to push the boundaries further by augmenting their vessels with combinations of the latest in environmentally conscious power sources, power storage, propulsion, equipment and construction material technologies.

“Echo Yachts will always custom design and build to suit each client’s requirements, but moving forward will be focussing our efforts on new superyacht designs that utilise technologically advanced and sustainable solutions first and foremost,” company owner and CEO Mark Stothard explained.

“There are no good reasons for our industry to keep perpetuating outdated technologies and hull designs of the past. Simply doing so because that is what has always been done is no longer the way and certainly not best-practice.

“If we are going to promote new products then let’s promote the best possible, pull up the anchors and drive our industry forward swiftly.

“Our industry like many others has a responsibility to our environment and future generations to embrace the latest available technology and evolve it further along at every opportunity - for the sake of reducing waste of material resources, reducing pollution and reducing spend on running costs so money can be better invested elsewhere.

“If you are a supplier of new innovative green-tech solutions for our superyacht projects, if you are a superyacht captain or broker with good ideas and suggestions you’d like to see achieved, or if you are a superyacht owner looking to step away from the old usual and into new super-efficient superyachts that will really turn heads, then we encourage you to reach out and speak with us directly,” added Mr Stothard.